Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire
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Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire -
Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire
Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire
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Amazing Magic Mirror in a Nutshell
Amazing Magic Mirror in a Nutshell
Our Amazing Magic Photo Booth in a Nutshell

Our Amazing Magic Mirror is the latest, fun new type of selfie photo booth. It isn't enclosed like the traditional style and is far more aesthetically pleasing - designed to create that 'wow' effect to those seeing it for the first time.

Drawn to The Mirror, guests curiously venture up and guided by voice prompts and animations on the mirror itself, they select a photo layout, step back and 'snap' - their reflection in the mirror being the result of their quality printed photos.

It not only takes photos, it plays sounds, animations and comments upon the pictures - with humour. Once people have experienced the Amazing Magic Mirror - they won't want their picture taken any other way!
Amazing Magic Mirror Prop Box
Prop Box!

No selfie booth would be complete without a huge selection of fun photo props!

Silly hats, false moustaches, an inflatable flamingo - who can resist?!

Fake lips, fun signs, witty remarks - these will have people giggling for hours!

If there is a specific theme or props you require then please ask - we have a bit of a prop fetish and always looking to add to our crazy collection!
Amazing Magic Mirror Prop Box
Amazing Magic Mirror Animations
Amazing Magic Mirror Animations
Bright, colourful and humorous animations

This is no ordinary mirror - this is a Magical Mirror! As with the Snow White fairy-tale, upon looking into The Mirror, animated images with sounds appear as reflections that communicate with you giving a purely magical and fun effect.

Some entice your guests to The Mirror, others comment on the pictures taken - some cheeky, some flattering! Whilst others give step by step instructions on what to do and how to look great.

We have a vast stock of animations to suit any occasion ( 100's in fact! ) So every Amazing Magic Mirror experience will be different from the last.
Amazing Magic Mirror Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen

The 'welcome' message screen is the first image guests see when they have contact with the mirror.

This can be a personalised welcome message to the event, a picture of the newly wed couple - or even a table seating plan!

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.
Amazing Magic Mirror Welcome Screen
Amazing Magic Mirror Signature Feature
Amazing Magic Mirror Signature Feature
The signature feature

This is one of the features that makes the Amazing Magic Mirror a truly interactive experience!

It is a unique, optional facility enabling the subjects of the photo to personally sign their creation. This is done by physically writing a name or message upon on the mirror with a finger that will be added to the final picture to be printed out.

Guests can choose the colour of their message and even add stamps and emojis and virtual props!

We guarantee everyone will absolutely love this feature - and it comes standard with every hire!
Amazing Magic Mirror Photo Layouts
Photo Options

Before the picture is taken your guests have the option to select how many photos they would like to appear on their final printed photo. These can range from one image on a print to as many as six ( we recommend between 1 - 3 to minimise the queue time for larger events ).

Don't like the photo just taken...? No problem - ask the mirror to retake your picture. Easy. So, for those that like to strike multiple poses to appear on the one printout - we have it covered :)

What's more, before the final picture is printed guests can also choose their preferred background frame design - making the whole Amazing Magic User Experience so much more personal than other photo booths can...!
Amazing Magic Mirror Photo Layouts
Amazing Magic Mirror Green Screen
Amazing Magic Mirror Green Screen
Green Screen Special FX

With Green Screen, the subject of the picture has their picture taken as normal - but this time their background is... yep, you guessed it - a completely green screen! With a little magic ( helped with a little advanced technology ), the green background is automatically substituted to a completely different image - so now a wedding reception in Bangor can look like it was held in Hawaii...!

This feature is great for fun corporate events and great for advertising. Kids will also love their photo taken whilst being stalked by a dinosaur or walking the plank upon a pirate ship!

We come with everything needed to create these amazing Hollywood effects. You can even supply the background image or we can supply one of our many in stock. The choice is entirely yours.
Amazing Magic Mirror Printing and Sharing
Printing + Sharing

Within 10 seconds of the picture taken the full colour, high quality photos are printed out ( one for each person featuring in the snapshot ). They measure 6" x 4" ( 15cm x 10cm ) and are immediately dry to the touch and ready to take straight away.

All the photos of the event are stored on our hard drive so we can re-print any photograph you require.

A password protected online gallery shall also be created, so all guests can view and download pictures from the event to share with their friends.

We can also provide a photo album where a copy of each photo is inserted into a book to be presented at the end of the night.
Amazing Magic Mirror Printing and Sharing