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Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire
Next Generation Magic Selfie Photo Mirror Hire
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Amazing Magic Mirror?
The Magic Mirror explained.

The Amazing Magic Mirror is the latest, fun new type of selfie photo booth. It isn't enclosed like the traditional style and is far more aesthetically pleasing - designed to create that 'wow' effect to those seeing it for the first time.

Drawn to The Mirror, guests curiously venture up and guided by voice prompts and animations on the mirror itself, they select a photo layout, step back and 'snap' - their picture is taken - their reflection in the mirror being the result of the photo. The photo can be re-taken as many times as they like if they are not happy with their shot. The guests then have the option of signing their creation on the mirror itself ( touchscreen technology ) and voila within 10 seconds a high quality full colour picture is printed out for them to keep - as many copies as required.

The photos can also be themed to suit the event and fully customised with personalised messages, pictures and logos if required..

It not only takes photos, it plays sounds, animations and comments upon the pictures - with humour. Once people have experienced the Amazing Magic Mirror - they won't want their picture taken any other way!

What is the difference between the Amazing Magic Mirror and a standard selfie photo booth?

Both are a forms of selfie photo booths - however, we believe the large elegant frame of the Magic Mirror with its multi-coloured flashing lights, red carpet and chrome rope stands makes for a far grander appearance than any other photo booth we have seen. It has a grandeur that wouldn't look out of place in the most stylish of venues. It makes for an excellent choice for weddings and school prom nights.

The Mirror also takes up less space than a standard photo booth, it is more open ( making it far more easily accessible and non-claustrophobic ), can produce full length body shots and accommodate far more people - Work's Christmas party? Get the whole office in - challenge on!

Being a great new concept to the photo booth market, many would never have seen such a novelty and fun way of taking pictures - and a selfie picture taken any other way just wouldn't be the same again...!

Event Types + Suitability
What type of events is The Mirror good for?

Any indoor event! We have used The Mirror with great success at weddings, corporate events, product promotions, opening days , Christmas, Halloween and birthday parties. For crowds large and small, ages young and old - everyone enjoys taking a selfie with their friends, colleagues and family.

What age group can use The Mirror?

All ages! As The Mirror is so safe, robust and simple to use, with voice prompts and animations to guide the users every step of the way, it's accessible to anyone. We always have a fun, polite and experienced attendant on hand should anyone need any help or unsure of what to do.

Is The Mirror wheelchair friendly?

Absolutely! There is plenty of room to access The Mirror - and we always have a well-dressed attendant on hand to help with should the need arise.

What To Expect
What shall we expect on the day of the event?

Once the booking has been made and our services are paid for - you can just relax. We shall arrive and set up with ample time to place The Mirror in the best place, at the best angle and fully test it to make sure all is working as it should be. It shall be supervised the whole time by one of our experienced, well-dressed attendants and so the guests will be in safe and good hands.

We shall organise the guests, so all have a chance to use The Mirror and take good care of the queue line.

At the end of the event we shall quietly pack away and carefully vacate the premises - leaving yourself and your guests more selfie photos than can be imagined, a permanent keepsake of your great event.

No hassle, no worries... just leave The Mirror to us... and your guests...!

Guest Management
How do you manage the guests wanting to use the Mirror?

We will work with you to choose the best location and access for The Mirror to maximise its effect and use.

Our attendants are experienced in organising guests with a simple queue system. We have elegant looking rope stands to guide the users to and away from The Mirror. We want everyone to enjoy the full potential of The Mirror without being rushed - and we think we have mastered that formula :)

Risk Assessments + Insurance
Can you supply risk assessments, PAT tests and insurance certificates?


We stick to a rigid site risk assessment plan with every hire. To us, safety is paramount. All of our equipment of commercial quality, tested annually and conform to strict industry guidelines. We carry £5 million public liability insurance. Proof of insurance and safety certificates can be provided upon request. (Beware of any company that cannot or make excuses not to provide these).

All of our equipment is hygienically cleaned, regularly serviced and comply with UK Health & Safety regulations. All electrics are PAT tested and records of these are available upon request.

We don't hurry when setting up - all equipment is tested thoroughly, cables stowed away to minimise trip hazards and a fully experienced attendant will be on hand at all times to ensure you are completely at ease should any unlikely problems arise.

Booking Information

How do I book?

Our Amazing Magic Mirror is available seven days a week, all year round except for the following dates:-
24th, 25th, 26th December.

You can book by filling out or Booking Form or email us at
Or by telephoning 0115 846 2581 ( Our lines are open from 8am - 8pm - 7 days a week ).

How much does it cost to hire?

Prices vary depending on your package and delivery. Please see our Prices for a complete list and breakdown of cost.

For all hires we require a deposit to secure the booking and the balance to be paid in full prior to delivery.
( This can be done all online with our secure booking form ).

Payment + Managing Your Booking
What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash payments.

What happens after I have made a booking?

We shall confirm your booking via the email address that you specified on the booking form.
Your booking details are recorded in 3 different ways:-

  1. A diary entry
  2. Within our latest booking software (with a backup)
  3. A printed out Invoice and Delivery Note

Site Access + Location
How long does it take to set up and then pack away?

We like to arrive at the venue at least 90mins to set up. You will not be charged for the time it takes to set up and pack away. You only pay for the amount of time you have use of the mirror.

Each event is different due to the setting up area, lighting, ease of access etc. All equipment needs to be checked, calibrated and fully tested. We don't rush when setting up as we know how important it is for your event to go as smoothly and trouble free.

It takes approximately 30 - 40mins to pack away ( depending on access ).

How much space does the Magic Mirror need?

We need a minimum floor area of 10ft x 8ft ( 3m x 2.5m ) and a minimum ceiling height of 7ft ( 2.2m) to set up the mirror.

The mirror also needs to be positioned away from direct sunlight to prevent any glare which would lessen the user experience ( imagine the positioning of a television screen ). Dimmed lights are fine - the mirror comes with a flash to light the subjects.

We also require a normal plug socket within close range - or located within a reasonable place to avoid trip hazards with trailing cables.

What preparation is needed before you arrive?

We would be grateful if you leave adequate parking space for us to offload as close to the venue as possible. We need a mimimum door width of 2ft ( 62cm ) to get through. A couple of steps are ok - but no stairs.

We also require a plug socket within close range - or located within a reasonable place to avoid trip hazards with trailing cables.

What happens if a problem arises during the hire period?

All of our equipment is very well maintained and we use the latest updated software available. We shall also test thoroughly during the set up. But in the unlikely event that a problem does arise, our attendant is very well trained in the individual elements of the mirror and the software and will be able to overcome most issues.

We also carry many spare pieces of equipment to cater for any unexpected issues and have access to 24hour technical support and advisors on hand.

There are stairs to the venue. Is this a problem?

Unfortunately, due to the weight of the equipment, other than a couple of steps, we are unable to man-handle the mirror up flights of stairs. If this is the case, please ensure that there is a working service lift - otherwise we will not be able to continue with the hire.

If we do turn up and find we cannot deliver due to access difficulties including stairs, you will still be charged the full hire rate - as per our Terms + Conditions of Hire.

Can the mirror be placed outside?

We only hire the mirror to indoor venues. Outdoor, under marquee cover is fine - as long as there is 13amp mains power to site.

How much lighting is required?

The Magic Mirror also needs to be positioned away from direct sunlight to prevent any glare which would lessen the user experience ( imagine the positioning of a television screen ). Dimmed lights are fine - the mirror comes with a flash to light the subjects.

I need to cancel what is your policy?

All cancellations must be made by contacting us. Once your event has been cancelled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book. *Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers.

All cancellations must be made by contacting us. Once your event has been cancelled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book. *Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers.

Cancellation between 30 - 14 days of the event - refund of any monies paid, excluding the £50 deposit and transaction fees*.

Cancellation within 14 days of the event - refund of only 50% of the full booking cost excluding transaction fees*. At this point, it is usually too late for us to get another booking, and so we have lost out.

Please see our Terms + Conditions for more information.

User Experience

Photo Options + Photo Management
What is the print quality like?

Excellent! Within 10 seconds of the picture taken a full colour, the selected number of high quality photos are printed out. They are immediately dry to the touch and ready to take straight away. We only use the highest quality camera and software, as used by professional photographers, and one of the best, reliable printers available to the industry. The photos are monitored throughout the event and any adjustments, to light, angles, focus etc. are effortlessly adjusted to maintain consistent photos to the highest standard.

What size are the prints?

Our standard print sizes are 6" x 4" ( 15cm x 10cm ). If you reuire any other size then please contact us.

How many photos can fit on one print?

We have a large choice of layouts available. Before the picture is taken your guests have the option to select a layout. These can range from one image on a print to as many as six. Our package comes with a choice of layouts and more can be added for a small additional fee. So, for those that like to strike multiple poses to appear on the one printout - no problem!

How do we get a copy of all of the photos taken?

All the photos of the event are stored on our hard drive. We can re-print any photograph you require or put them on a USB drive and send to you. Please enquire about this service.

Please see our Price Guide for more details.

Is there an online gallery so guests can view the photos?

Absolutely! We can create a password protected online gallery, so all guests can view and download pictures from the event at your request. This gallery will be available within 5 days of the event.

Can we order copies of photos after the event?

Absolutely! A copy of all photos are kept upon out hard drive for a time after the event for this reason. We can supply a USB stick with all photos or upload to an online password protected gallery linked from our website.

Please contact us for more details.

Mirror Animations
What are The Mirror animations about?

This is no ordinary mirror - this is a Magical Mirror! As with the Snow White fairy-tale, upon looking into The Mirror, animated images with sounds appear as reflections that communicate with you giving a purely magical and fun effect. Some entice your guests to The Mirror, others comment on the pictures taken ( some cheeky, some flattering! ) Whilst others give step by step instructions on what to do and how to look great. We have a vast stock of animations to suit any occasion. Or, if preferred, we can custom make ones to suit the theme of your event. The range is limited to your imagination!

Signature Feature
What is the Signature Feature?

This is one of the features that makes the Amazing Magic Mirror a truly interactive experience! It is a unique, optional facility enabling the subjects of the photo to personally sign their creation. This is done by physically writing a name or message upon on the mirror with a finger that will be added to the final picture that will be printed out. Guests can choose the colour of their message and even add stamps and emojis. The feature can accommodate multiple users at the same time and any mistakes can easily be corrected. We guarantee everyone will absolutely love this feature - and it comes standard with all hire packages!

Prop Box
Tell me about the Prop Box.

No selfie booth would be complete without a huge selection of fun photo props! Silly hats, false moustaches, an inflatable flamingo - who can resist?! Fake lips, fun signs, witty remarks - these'll have people giggling for hours! If there is a specific theme or props you require then please ask - we have a bit of a prop fetish and always looking to add to our crazy collection!

Back Drops
Do we need a backdrop?

A backdrop is a curtain or staged scenery placed behind the photo subject to add that extra 'glitz' to the photo. It is purely optional. If the venue has sufficient lighting and a nice décor background, then a backdrop may not be necessary. We do carry a selection of fantastic looking backdrops with us - or is there is a particular theme or design you specifically require then please ask. Likewise, if you would like to supply your own then please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss.

Do you supply backdrops?

Yes! We have a lovely selection of backdrops that will really make your photos stand out and suitable for any occasion

Can we supply our own backdrop?

Absolutely! Ideally we would need a minimum backdrop size of 7ft x 7ft - but we may be able to work around this. Please contact us if you would like any more information on this.

Extra Options

Personalised Themes + Customisation
Can we customise our own photo layout and designs?

Absolutely! We have a huge stock of photo layouts available with artwork to suit just about every occasion that come as standard with every hire. If, however you'd prefer a personalised layout, with your own artwork or an idea for a specific theme, we will work with you to design one that fits the bill.

Please see contact us for more details.

Welcome Message
What is the 'Welcome' Screen ?

The 'welcome' message screen is the first image guests see when they have contact with the mirror. This can be a personalised welcome message to the event, a picture of the newly wed couple - an animated or still image or even a table seating plan! The list is as long as the imagination.

Please contact us for more details.

Green Screen Special FX
Tell us about the Green Screen Special FX feature.

With Green Screen, the subject of the picture has their picture taken as normal - but this time their background is... yep, you guessed it - a completely green screen! With a little magic ( helped with a little advanced technology ), the green background is automatically substituted to a completely different image - so now a wedding reception in Bangor can look like it was held in Hawaii...!

This feature is great for fun corporate events and great for advertising. Kids will also love their photo taken whilst being stalked by a dinosaur or walking the plank upon a pirate ship!

We come with everything needed to create these amazing Hollywood effects. You can even supply the background image or we can supply one of our many in stock. The choice is entirely yours.

Beauty Filter
How does the 'Beauty Filter' work?

No more wrinkles or pimples with this super feature! Once the picture has been taken the image is re-digitised with a whole new set algorithm formulas and modern high technological enhancement processes that until recently, were only available to the professional industry.

This process only a takes a second and ensures that whenever a photo is printed - everyone looks gorgeous ( even the office clown in that silly hat and wig... )

Idle Hours
What are 'Idle Hours' ?

Idle hours can be really handy if you want to have a little break in your hire for dinner or speeches. It's the perfect way of making sure you get the most out of your hire.

For example, rather than hiring the Magic Mirror for a standard 4 hours where you know there will be an hour's break in-between for a presentation, it would be cheaper to hire for 3 hours and purchase an hour's Idle Time to cover that time The Mirror is not being used.

Please contact for more details on the cost of Idle Hours.

Any other questions - please ask. We're here to help you.